Know Us !

What is this?


Walking On THE WAY is online initiative to engender the thirst in all for God and Godliness and to ameliorate them to obtain the true revival based on Bible and Holy Spirit. This initiative is for all those who are strongly asking for a change.

Our Goal


The goal is to get exposed to GOD and his radiance to the fullest.  This initiative also encloses the objective to confront all those man-made notions slithered as obstacles in believers’ life impeding the true happiness and joy of GOD.

Why confused?


Confusion is not having correct answers and understanding of what is required and right. Confusion is not wrong but not having clarity is the issue to address. We try to provide you the perspective and answers from Word of GOD. Ask us…

Youth Central


The youth of today face a myriad of problems. From Identity crisis to social acceptance, from existence of GOD to need of GOD, youth is not very sure of what is for them. We try to provide contemporary and relevant answers to youth.

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